COVID-19 Alert – Safe Distancing – Wash Hands – Stay Safe

Following an inspection of the cruiser moorings on Sunday, I am pleased to confirm that the re-opening of the club is now at Stage 2 of the plan reproduced below. However, please note that currently only one launch is available on the water.

Some lines remain across the lower end of the slipway, securing the cruisers in the pool, but they do not impede access to the water at most states of the tide.

Cruisers which are already afloat will now be able to move to their moorings, observing social distancing or same household crewing.

We have now received the replies we need to make detailed plans for a further cruiser lift, which will go ahead on June 4th.


Dinghy Owners – Your thoughts please! 

We are now working to make it possible for dinghies to return at Stage 4, in early June. Many cruisers will be staying in the yard during this summer and so part of the work to be carried out using the crane at the end of the June 4th lift, will be to create space to ensure that dinghies have the best possible opportunity to return to the yard and with convenient access to the slipway.

To assist with planning, it would be helpful if all dinghy owners would reply to the office giving an indication of the way in which they would like to utilise the club this summer. 

Social distancing requirements mean that only you and other co-habiting members of your household will be able to sail on your boat.

Normal racing is not going to be possible but there may be alternatives which are currently being discussed. 

Single handed or single household sailing is definitely allowed provided social distancing is observed in the yard, on the slipway and indeed on the water. The dinghy WhatsApp group may be utilised to arrange mini cruises or excursions, again, observing social distancing.

Please let us know how you are hoping to enjoy the remainder of this season. Your Committee wishes to support you in every way.

Points to remember

  • It must be clearly understood that anyone who chooses to come to the Yard must carefully follow the guidelines which are for your protection and the protection of other members who may be more vulnerable than yourself. You may only use those facilities which have been authorised by the Committee and you do so entirely at your own risk.  Bear in mind that the risk is very real and considerable and the consequences of becoming infected with Covid-19 can be life-changing.
  • You must not come to the Club if you are feeling in the slightest unwell, have a cough or a fever.
  • Please inform the Club if you become unwell with Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of visiting the premises.
  • The cloakrooms are open for toilet and hand-washing facilities only.  Only one person may enter either cloakroom at any one time.  Anyone entering the building must ensure social distancing is maintained and if someone is encountered in the corridor, the nearest person should move into the passage towards the front door to allow safe passing.  A rope and hooks system will be set up so that members will be able to see that the facilities are occupied.  Place the rope across and then close the cloakroom door behind you when you enter.
  • All other parts of the Clubhouse, including the lounge, are out of bounds.
  • No visitors, guests or children are allowed at the Club and sleeping on boats or in the Yard is not permitted.
  • Members must be responsible for their own safety and hygiene. You must wash your hands frequently and it would be desirable for facemasks to be worn.
  • We hope to re-instate our contract cleaners to start cleaning the cloakrooms and corridor as soon as possible but members should ensure that they clean the facilities themselves after each use.  Take your own precautions when opening and closing doors.


Best wishes to all, stay safe,

David Hall



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