Bulletin 11 – National Lockdown 3




Following Monday’s announcement of a new National Lockdown, the Committee has been discussing the steps to take, and looking to the RYA for their updated guidance.

It is becoming evident that there are no exceptions to the ‘stay at home’ message applicable to our operation, so we must revert to the situation that applied during the first lockdown from March last year. With Covid cases rising quickly in the local area it would be irresponsible to do otherwise.

Accordingly, the Club is now closed to all members until further notice, with the chain and padlock around the main gates as from Saturday morning. Access through the pedestrian gate will be maintained for emergency use; for owners needing to make random safety checks on their boats, and for security checks on the premises by selected members living very locally to the Club. There is no facility for members to come to work on the boats in this period of total lockdown.

Many cruiser owners will now be reflecting on the maintenance work they had been looking to do to their boats ahead of the Spring launches. The ambition remains that we launch all the cruisers this year, and at present the scheduled launch dates of 29th, 30th of March and 12th April remain our target. However, the Committee will be reviewing the situation again at the next scheduled Zoom meeting, which is 2nd February. If required we will arrange alternative dates, but it is too early for any decisions to be taken in that regard. The health and welfare of our members must take first priority.

Some cruiser owners have made arrangements for contractors to carry out work on their boats during the winter. Where it is impossible to defer this or make alternative arrangements, bona fide contractors (i.e. who undertake this work for a living) will be allowed access, subject to the following:

·        The boat owner must arrange with the Office at least 48 hours in advance so that the chain can be temporarily removed to allow the contractor’s vehicle in and out of the yard. Members must wait until the office has confirmed the arrangement before proceeding.

·        A scan/photo of the contractor’s insurance certificate must be lodged with the Office prior to admission being allowed.

·        The member involved must be present to open the gate to allow access to the contractor; remain in the yard throughout the period that the contactor is on the premises, and see them out once they have completed, locking up securely. 

·        The contractor and member must record their attendance for Test and Trace purposes as outlined below.

You may not stay overnight on your boat or anywhere on Club premises.


Test and Trace 

The Club is legally obliged to record all and any attendances at the Club.

All members and contractors with smart phones should use the NHS Covid-19 App to scan the QR code, located on the gate and side entrance.

Alternatively, email ahead to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.giving estimated time of arrival and name of attendees.


Please remember, you must not come to the Club if you are feeling in the slightest unwell, have a cough, a fever or have lost your sense of taste or smell. 

Please inform the Club if you become unwell with Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of visiting the premises. See further details at the end of this Bulletin. 

Bear in mind that the risk of infection is now extremely high and there is no guarantee that the local NHS will have critical care capacity available if either you or your loved ones should need it. Please follow the law and stay at home. 



Best wishes to all, 

Stay safe 



David Hall




Covid Test and Trace Procedures

 What you should do if you are feeling unwell with potential Covid Symptoms

1.      Follow the Government Guidelines and IMMEDIATELY book a Covid test.

2.      If you have visited the Club at any time during the last 14 days, you should IMMEDIATELY contact us, preferably by email with POTENTIAL COVID CONTACT in the heading. We would like the following information:

  • The date when you last visited the Club
  • The time (approximately will do) when you arrived and when you left
  • Details of your movements and activities
  • You may have made multiple visits during the last 14 days - please include all you can remember.

3.      Please also tell us if you agree to your name being included in an early warning which we will send out to all members. It may make it easier for them to judge if they could be affected, but it is not necessary if you feel uncomfortable about it.

4.      When you receive the result of your test please inform the Club as soon as possible. An email with CONFIRMED COVID CONTACT, or hopefully NO COVID, in the heading.  


What the Club will do


  1. When a POTENTIAL COVID CONTACT is received we will send an email to all members to advise them of the date and times during which a risk of contact with the virus could have occurred. (Those members without internet access will be contacted by telephone.)
  2. When a CONFIRMED COVID CONTACT or NO COVID contact is received, the Club will send a further message to all members.


What other members should do


  1. Those members who have been at the club during an “at risk” period will have to make a judgement about whether to immediately self-isolate until a NO COVID message is received. Remember that the virus can remain on surfaces for up to 72 hours.
  2. When a CONFIRMED COVID CONTACT is received, that personal judgement should be reviewed.
  3. If you are contacted by the NHS Track and Trace Team please follow their advice.


Additional information