FOCUS November'17


  Focus   –    Lilliput Sailing Club                                    November ‘17

This is the first of an occasional series of articles highlighting the Lilliput Sailing Club year.

I hope that members will feel inspired to contribute their ideas and dreams – after all, this is a self- help club. Please feel free to contribute.

I was reflecting on the fact that there is a huge change around at the end of October – the dinghies leave for winter storage (except for the tenacious twelve) and the cruisers take over the dinghy park to sit on their cradles, looking like the proverbial ‘fish out of water’.

Why do we do this? Well I’m told it’s too COLD…………WHAT!!! I was brought up in Northern Ireland and Lancashire and I remember cracking the ice on the decks of the Enterprise dinghy in January. However, perhaps it wasn’t that much fun! (Ice yachting in an old Graduate was great fun.)

OK, so the boats have done a switch round and Lilliput Sailing Club has become Lilliput Cruiser Containment Area. Plus, the Tenacious Twelve dinghy sailors, who occupy the edge of the car park, hang on in many ways.

Everything happens without too many difficulties:

• The crew hasn’t hijacked the cruiser (I was close)
• The cruiser hasn’t fallen off the cradle……yet
• The dinghy has made it home - on just about 3 wheels
• The cruiser ladder reaches the cockpit –just about
• The Tenacious Twelve (or thereabouts) dinghies are thinking - was this a good idea?
• Or any combination of the above factors

Then we move towards Christmas – end of dinghy racing and cruiser racing in the harbour and bay.

The Tenacious Twelve are still thinking “was this a good idea” or more likely “never again” (until next year).

The cruisers make a list, (which could stretch from April to November in the diary in my handbag) as follows:

• Antifoul
• Replace the anodes
• Service the engine
• Service the Heads (if you’re lucky enough to have ‘em) - or acquire another blue bucket.
• Antifoul (you can never have enough)

Dinghies aren’t dissimilar – possibly minus the engine.

(Personally, I don’t see why a dinghy can’t have a Head - beats a dry suit!)

My point is that when you have finished all those jobs which you meant to do last year – or even three years ago, but didn’t manage it because guess what – sailing got in the way, what do you do next??

Jayne Lord