LSC – COVID-19 Bulletin 6 Stage 5 – Multi-Household Crew and Guests. 20th August 2020

COVID-19 Alert – Safe Distancing – Wash Hands – Same Household Crews

You must not come to the Club if you are feeling in the slightest unwell, have a cough, a fever or have lost your sense of taste or smell.

Please inform the Club if you become unwell with Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of visiting the premises.  See further details on the Club Website at

Anyone who chooses to come to the Club must follow the guidelines which are for your protection and the protection of other members who may be more vulnerable than yourself. You may only use those facilities which have been authorised by the Committee and you do so entirely at your own risk.  Bear in mind that the risk is still real and considerable and the consequences of becoming infected with Covid-19 can be life-changing.

Crews from Different Households (Multi-Household Crews) 

We have been reviewing recently updated guidance from the RYA that covers circumstances where it may be considered appropriate for people from different households to sail on the same vessel.

The RYA guidance includes a chart illustrating the levels of risks of transmitting Covid-19 applicable to various activities on board a boat. Please read the RYA guidance carefully before taking part in any sailing with multi-household crew.

Irrespective of this new guidance, anyone who considers that they would be at risk should they be exposed to Covid-19 is strongly advised to continue only to sail with same-household crews. However hard skippers may strive to implement and maintain the measures shown in the attached, anyone carrying Covid-19 onto a boat remains likely to infect other crew. The only safe way to reduce that risk is to sail with members of your household.

We consider that the changes affect LSC in the following areas:

Dinghy and Cruiser Racing

Most of the revised guidance considers risks associated with on-deck activities for multi household racing crews, and we have updated both the Cruiser and Dinghy Sailing Instructions and combined Risk Assessments to reflect the changes, meaning that we can now allow multi-household crews for dinghy and cruiser racing, subject to the risk mitigations described. The updated club guidance can be accessed by following these links:


·        Cruiser Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

·        Dinghy Combined Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

·        LSC Combined Racing Risk Assessment


The revised advice may also mean, subject to the consent of the members concerned, that we should now be able to form safety boat crews from members from different households. The dinghy duty rotas will be amended taking this into account in the near future – watch for further email on this.


The RYA chart clearly indicates that a high risk exists where more than one person is below decks for more than 15 minutes. This means that unless separate cabins are available, each dedicated for the use of crew members from a single household, and that communal areas can be maintained to a high level of sanitation, there should be no overnight sleeping on boats by crews from different households.


Guests who live in a different household will now be allowed to be brought into the Club yard by members, but only as sailing crew. Their attendance must be registered and this can be done either by emailing  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , providing the name and phone number of the guest, or by entering these details (as usual) in the book on the shelf inside the yard door of the Clubhouse. No different household guest is allowed to attend the Club in excess of seven times in any one year, in line with our standard Rules & Byelaws.


Arrangements for Racing at LSC

With the exception of these changes, the Covid-19 arrangements for racing at LSC remain as outlined in Bulletin 5, i.e.:

§  Entry to Races will only be open to boats of members of LSC and others by specific invitation

§  Cruiser races will generally take place on Friday evenings and Sundays, when tide and weather permit, with Dinghy races on Wednesday evenings and Sundays.

§  Racing is being held for the fun and enjoyment of all participants and to allow a measure of distanced socialising between the crews of competing yachts.

§  Crews from different boats must maintain social distancing. This is especially relevant during times of dinghy and tender launch and recovery.

§  Changing rooms and showers remain closed until further notice, so please come dressed and ready to sail.


Points to Remember

§  The cloakrooms are open for toilet and hand-washing facilities only.  Only one person may enter either cloakroom at any one time. Please leave the cloakroom door open. Anyone entering the building must ensure social distancing is maintained and if someone is encountered in the corridor, the nearest person should move into the passage towards the front door to allow safe passing.  If you enter and find the cloakroom occupied, please return outside to wait.

§  Access to the showers and changing areas has been reviewed, but they currently remain closed. This will be kept under review based on the latest available advice.

§  Opening of the Bar and Lounge is not yet possible, although plans to make this happen with additional volunteers are at an advanced stage and will be the subject of a further Bulletin.

§  Take your own precautions when opening and closing doors and wipe down any surfaces you make contact with.  Cleaning materials will be available but please bring your own if possible.  Our contract cleaners have been re-employed to clean the cloakrooms and corridor twice a week, but members should ensure that they clean the facilities themselves after each use. 

§  All other parts of the Clubhouse are out of bounds.

§  There may be times when the slipway becomes busy, but social distancing must continue to be observed. Don’t be offended if someone asks you to step aside. Priority should be given to incoming dinghies and tenders. Tenders please give way to dinghies under sail. When launching, please look out into the lagoon before using the slipway in order to anticipate any imminent arrivals.

§  Passing on the pontoons should be achieved by members looking away as they pass.  Priority to those coming off.

§  Members must be responsible for their own safety and hygiene. You must wash your hands frequently and it would be desirable for facemasks to be worn.

Best wishes to all

Stay safe

Alex Clapperton

Rear Commodore


Covid-19 Test and Trace Procedures

 What you should do if you are feeling unwell with potential Covid Symptoms

1.      Follow the Government Guidelines and IMMEDIATELY book a Covid test.

2.      If you have visited the Club at any time during the last 14 days, you should IMMEDIATELY contact us, preferably by email with POTENTIAL COVID CONTACT in the heading. We would like the following information:

·        The date when you last visited the Club

·        The time (approximately will do) when you arrived and when you left

·        Details of your movements and activities

·        You may have made multiple visits during the last 14 days - please include all you can remember.

Please also tell us if you agree to your name being included in an early warning which we will send out to all members. It may make it easier for them to judge if they could be affected, but it is not necessary if you feel uncomfortable about it.

3.      When you receive the result of your test please inform the club as soon as possible. An email with  CONFIRMED COVID CONTACT,   or hopefully  NO COVID, in the heading.         

 What the Club will do

1.      When a POTENTIAL COVID CONTACT is received we will send an email to all members to advise them of the date and times during which a risk of contact with the virus could have occurred. (Those members without internet access will be contacted by telephone.)

2.      When a CONFIRMED COVID CONTACT or NO COVID contact is received, the Club will send a further message to all members.

What other members should do

1.      Those members who have been at the club during an “at risk” period will have to make a judgement about whether to immediately self-isolate until a NO COVID message is received. Remember that the virus can remain on surfaces for up to 72 hours.

2.      When a CONFIRMED COVID CONTACT is received, that personal judgement should be reviewed.

3.      If you are contacted by the NHS Track and Trace Team please follow their advice.