Cruiser Racing

The club organises handicap cruiser racing throughout the sailing season.

Club races are held most Sundays, Wednesdays and usually every other Friday evening at East Dorset Sailing Club. The highlight of the club racing season is the annual club regatta in June.

Shortly after competing in the Lilliput regatta many of our cruiser racers head east and take part in the "Round the Island” race. A fleet of Lilliput cruisers make the annual pilgrimage to Cowes, often taking part in the Poole Yacht Racing Association (PYRA) race to Cowes, prior to the Round the Island race itself. See:

Racing in Poole harbour isn't just limited to Lilliput and East Dorset races. Some of our cruiser members also take part in races organised by PYRA, Parkstone Yacht Club, Poole Yacht Club and Royal Motor Yacht Club. Also the combined clubs of Poole (of which Lilliput SC is a member) organise the Poole Regatta, see:

The Poole Harbour Winter series, organised jointly by Parkstone and Poole Yacht Clubs, extends the cruiser sailing season almost until Christmas!

All entrants should be familiar with Poole Harbour Commission's Yacht and Dinghy Racing Criteria for the current year, which can be found on their website,