Dinghy Sailors Keelboat Regatta

FourteenLSC Dinghy Sailors have a brilliant day racing keelboats

On Saturday 18th August 2015, fourteen LSC dinghy sailors had a great day racing in the LSC Dinghy Sailors’ Keelboat Regatta. Many thanks go to the Skippers: Colin Stewart(Pistraus); Ian Wall (Instigation); John Guess(Evangelene) and Paul Heawood(Megan) for taking a back seat in their yachts so that the dinghy sailors could helm, crew and race the boats themselves.

When I say the skippers took a back seat –they did the majority of the time so long as our dinghy skills were transferable, but when we needed their yacht specific knowledge they seemed to appear from nowhere: for example attaching the spinnaker bag; untwisting the spinny; mending a broken shackle on the spinny clew with spinny fully hoisted and powered up; putting reefs in, then taking them out again. They even kept their patience when having to remind some of us to sheet in clockwise on the winch; also release and tension the runners when tacking.

For many, the regatta was a new experience and a great opportunity to go on a cruiser. One of the dinghy sailors has set a target of crewing in the Round the Island Race next year. Even the skippers enjoyed it: “It is very rare that as a skipper I get to ‘crew’ my own boat, and it does give a different perspective on how all the various systems work.”

The Regatta was won by Evangeline but as our youngest dinghy sailor said: “The race aspect added to the experience trying to go as fast as possible to catch the others, but it didn’t really matter where we came because we all enjoyed ourselves and that’s all that counts!” We all had a great time and would love to do it again.

Irene Hincks