East Dorset Racing

Lilliput Sailing Club has a "special relationship" with our friends at East Doset Sailing Club. We organise both cruiser and dinghy races with East Dorset throughout the sailing season.

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West Oxford Dinghy Racing

Every year a band of intrepid Lilliput SC dinghy sailors, usually accompanied by their friends and family head inland (?) to take part in the West Oxfordshire Sailing Club 8 hour race.

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Christchurch Cruiser Racing

Every year the Lilliput Cruiser sailors take part in a friendly competition with our friends to the East at Christchurch Sailing Club, the "Christchurch Challenge". The races alternate between being held at here at Poole or in Christchurch.

Parkstone Cruiser Racing

Parkstone Yacht Club is the closest sailing club to Lilliput Sailing Club. They organise some fine racing throughout the season for both cruisers and dinghies. The cruiser racing is divided into a number of classes including a gentleman's class for those who would rather not use their spinnakers...

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