Dinghy Social Sailing

Dinghy Social Sailing
We have an active Dinghy Social Sailing group who regularly sail together - the only prerequisite is that you take a packed lunch and are prepared to share it! Sometimes we’ll anchor up or drag our boats onto one of the many beaches, taking small stoves to cook lunch on

It’s a great way to

  • meet other members

  • explore Poole’s Harbour’s fourteen square miles of islands and inlets

  • feel comfortable knowing that there are other sailors keeping an eye on you.

Cruiser /Dinghy Joint Events
If you are a Dinghy Sailor who wants to sail in a yacht, or a Cruiser Sailor who wants to sail in a dinghy, then there are members willing to let you have a go. Annually, we hold a Try-a-boat day, where members try each other’s dinghies. Fun and supportive