Club Boats

The Club owns three boats available for use by members: A Laser PICO, a topper Magno and a Kayak.

Bookings are managed by Simon Gribbin who can be contacted by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone (07833 084478).

He will maintain the bookings calendar so you can get an idea of availability.

LSC Boat Booking Calendar 

Please treat the boats as your own - make sure they are rinsed clean and ready for the next user.  Let Simon know if there is any damage which needs repair.


Members are asked to make a donation toward up-keep of £5 for the PICO/Kayak and £10 for the Magno. 

  • Pay on-line

  • By cash or cheque in the envelopes attached to the backdoor noticeboard and leaving in the office

  • Send Simon a text or email to confirm you've made the donation so he can keep a track



Be aware that the boat may have been handled by others recently, so take appropriate precautions.  Members should bring their own cleaning / sanitising materials.