Cruiser Sailing

The club offers moorings inside and outside the lagoon. The outside moorings can cater for boats up to 30ft in length, but there are restrictions on the boat's draft. Most craft have swinging or bilge keels, which are in general more suited to Poole Harbour.

Moorings are allocated from the Waiting List as suitable vacancies occur and you can apply when joining the Club to be placed on this List.


There are 71 outside swinging moorings catering for shallow and deeper drafted boats with some able to accommodate vessels up to 30ft LOA. All boats using these moorings lay either to the tide or the wind and access is by inflatable or rigid tender from the Lagoon slipway.


The club has approximately 46 moorings located inside Blue Lagoon. These are easily reached by tender from the club's yard. At low tide the Lagoon moorings dry out. However with the two high tides there is ample time for an enjoyable sail being within easy reach of Poole Bay, Studland, round the harbour, or joining in one of the club races. For longer trips just plan to catch the tides!


As we are a "Self Help" club all servicing and maintenance of moorings is carried out by club members during the winter period. These mooring 'parties' go out at weekends and are made up of four members plus an experienced team leader. However, during the summer season periodic checks of strops, swivels and connecting shackles is strongly recommended. Advice is always available should you be unsure ~ just ask the Mooring Master.


There is hardstanding for around 90 yachts during the winter. There is a waiting list, and it is considered a privilige to be offered hardstanding.